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Sounds easy, right?  NOT!

Coding doesn’t teach problem solving.

Kids have to be taught how to solve problems.  One step at a time.   They need examples, modelling, practice, feedback, suggestions, nudges and sometimes even walk throughs with support.  Depends on the kid.

Coding is a language like English.  You can learn the words, punctuation and sentence components but that doesn’t mean you can publish a best seller or write poetry.

The best way to teach problem solving is to break everything down step by step.  Make them think about it, tear it apart, practice it. Learn the next step…same process. Then see if they can put the two steps together to create something new.

Some will get it quickly, some won’t.

A programming course should teach problem solving right from the beginning.  When you understand how something works you can transfer that knowledge into new situations.  This may be a slow process to start but once you get used to approaching learning in this manner it does get easier over time.

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